Why are sony projectors so expensive?

The best projectors will have excellent brightness and wireless connection. The Dynamic HDR Enhancer, if you're not familiar with Sony's current range of 4K HDR projectors, uses intelligent image analysis and light control algorithms to increase the brightness of the bright parts of the image by processing signals and, at the same time, adjusts the light output to improve the black level response in the dark parts of the image. For years, 4K projectors were barely affordable, so those who managed to get one were considered privileged. The image quality of a 4K projector is its most important advantage over any other type of projector.

And that predecessor is itself a laser projector, so Sony isn't recently offering a laser projector at a price like it used to only offer a lamp projector. Therefore, you should keep in mind that 4K projectors also give you better lenses and optics, and the image quality will be much better, while the projection will also be excellent. We have a full article on what a 4K projector is, but it goes without saying that they're packed with innovative features that justify their higher price range. Two projector manufacturers, Epson and JVC, have been doing this for years and are quite sincere in saying that they aren't actually 4K.

Sony has introduced a pair of new home theater projectors that it says mark the beginning of a new era of more affordable and higher-performing “real” 4K laser projection. So I think a projector is potentially cheaper than a television (or at least that's my assumption), but all the projectors I'm looking at are substantially more expensive than a comparable television. From time to time there are offers that make 4k projectors very affordable, but they don't appear very often. That said, if you're considering cheaper projectors for your home theater experience, choose a traditional projector instead of a mini-projector.

Before we get into more specific details about Sony's dynamic new 4K laser projection duo, let's quickly recall why using lasers in projectors may be a good idea. Sony has also revealed that the new SXRD chips in the XW5000ES and the XW7000ES are part of a new wide dynamic range optical system that also includes a smaller chassis (thanks to smaller SXRD chips that allow Sony to reduce the size of the overall optical system), high-density laser diodes and a new cooling system to prevent the projector from overheating. Overall, this is why prices have been dropping over the years: some of the cheaper projectors aren't actually 4K, but 4K Enhance.

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