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Read the full review of Sony's VPL-XW5000ES It's quite expensive for an entry-level device, but make no mistake, the Epson Home Cinema 3800 (known as the EH-TW7100 in the UK) is the king of affordable 4K projectors. It's easy to set up and install, and produces an image reminiscent of the one you'll see at the movies. Enjoy huge 4K images this year with one of the best 4K projectors for movies, entertainment and games. As progress progresses, the price of technology drops, and this is the same when it comes to those competing for the title of best 4K projector.

Just a few years ago, the best 4K projectors were out of financial reach for almost every home theater lover. And while you'll still need four figures for most candidates for the best 4K projector to reach your home, there are now excellent options in the lower range of this market, as well as the best truly exceptional and “genuine” 4K projectors worth several thousand dollars or more. The low-end ones will continue to give the best gaming televisions a chance, since they offer 4K quality images, but they are not native 4K, since they use pixel exchange technology to deliver ultra-HD quality images. So if you want to take your home theater system to the next level, or you want to replace your television with a glorious, huge picture from one of the best projectors, here are some of your best options, covering a variety of options from all established names and adapting to a variety of budgets.

But remember that if you can't reach 4K prices, there are still quality projectors among the best portable projectors and the best projectors for PS5 and Xbox Series X to look for, which could reduce them to HD to reduce the cost, for example. And it's worth noting that now that we're in the winter sales season, both the Black Friday projector deals and the exclusive Black Friday 4K projector deals that are just around the corner are going to be great opportunities to succeed without breaking the bank. The innovative three-beam laser light source offers exceptional images, with a laser for each of the red, blue and green lights. This means incredible brightness and colors, even in ambient light.

This is true 4K, without compromise. Even more impressive is the incredible short shot, meaning you can place it close to the projection surface and achieve a gigantic image. There are some occasional rainbow effects and, like most projectors, you may need to adjust the image for darker images, but they don't spoil an incredible viewing experience. There's even fantastic sound with the 40-watt speakers, much louder than the usual 10-20 W of projectors, if you don't have enough in your pocket for a premium gaming sound system or similar.

And if the price is out of range, the single-laser Premiere SP-LSP7T (opens in a new tab) is also a great option at just over half the price. While there are no frame interpolation options in the 4K level settings, motion blur is low and the action stays smooth. Even when you switch to 1080p modes, you get a fantastic picture, plus lots of additional settings to further reduce blur at this resolution. Sometimes, with the best 4K projectors, you can end up paying for the label.

However, if you stick to the traditional names of home entertainment, you can find a real bargain, and Optoma is one of the brands that constantly offers great value projectors that can go hand in hand with larger ones. The UHD51 has been available for a couple of years now, which means you can find great deals on it, although “cheap” 4K still means four figures. It offers a fantastic color, with good depths of black and smoothes fast movements to keep up with the fastest action scenes. It also perfectly improves non-4K images and even has 3D capability (requiring the purchase of glasses with an active shutter (DLP Link) if you want to see Avatar again before the sequels.

However, despite its good light rating, this unit may need to close the curtains to make the most of it, since it has problems with a lot of ambient light. This is a 4K gaming projector, if we've ever seen one. In addition to that glorious UHD resolution, there's an ultra-fast refresh rate of up to 240 Hz in 1080p for PC (120 Hz to 1080p for consoles) and minimal input lag, which we thought was ideal for gaming. In our tests, the games were smooth as silk, with no noticeable delays, and even the fastest FPS stays sharp as you move the camera wildly.

We found that the 10W speakers were small and weak, but if you're spending this amount of money on a PS5 projector, chances are you both want and buy, or already have, a good audio setup. The lack of zoom control is a bit disconcerting, which means that you have to adjust the size of the projector according to its location and, unless your room fits the projection ratio, you may need a ceiling mount to place it at the correct distance. In addition, although there are a wide range of color palettes to choose from to improve the display, some manual adjustments were needed to prevent the image from looking a little blurry. These problems are annoying disputes, but once you play about it, all of that is forgotten, especially in the glory of 4K.

The landscapes look lush, the bright game mode makes colors stand out, and the dark game mode keeps details in the shadows thanks to DynamicBlack technology. The video also looks incredible and takes full advantage of the 4K resolution that the GD711 can offer, with a wide range of modes that quickly give you ideal settings to get the perfect color palette. Once configured, the GD711 is easily one of the best 4K projectors for gaming. A small but tall 4K LED projector, with 2 x 8 W speakers that slow down its small size.

Setup is quick right out of the box, with excellent autofocus and keystoning technology that makes new locations easy. The color and motion control options are more complicated, since reductions in blues levels are essential and, especially in the case of animation, you may have to play with the settings to avoid getting a little dizzy. LED technology is adequately bright, much more visible in ambient light in the afternoon than most light bulbs. The input lag is only 35 ms in dedicated game mode, low enough to go largely unnoticed, and excellent specifications to make this one of the best projectors for PS5 and Xbox Series X.

However, once configured, SD and HD images will be well improved, and the autofocus provides excellent sharpness. With a UHD source, you can enjoy all the freckles of skin tones and the blade of grass of a landscape: an excellent 4K home projector for games at a good value for money. A step up from its much loved predecessor, the VW570, especially thanks to the incredible X1 chip, which is based on Sony's Bravia TV technology. The X1 is an incredibly fast processor that works constantly to give you incredible image quality, analyzing frame by frame to ensure everything looks sharp and smooth.

Bright enough to get a high-quality image even with significant levels of ambient light and with amazing color depth and contrast. It's big and heavy, but so are most native 4K projectors. A small objection is the lack of connectivity beyond HDMI and USB, but if you're paying so much for a projector, you probably already have an amplifier ready for it. It's ideal for gaming without noticeable input lag, and the wide landscapes of open-world games look amazing in a 4K image of more than 100 inches, just like the bright colors of a platform game.

It offers incredible detail even in the darkest shadows, a feat few projectors achieve. Yes, it's expensive, but it's a state-of-the-art projector that really brings the cinema home and is worth it if you have it. The Epson EH-TW9400 is a long-standing recommendation when it comes to the best 4K projectors. The use of Epson's 3LCD technology, with a separate liquid crystal chip for each of the primary colors, provides excellent color depth and a brilliant image with exceptional clarity so you don't miss a single detail.

There is even active 3D processing, although it requires an additional outlay on 3D glasses. A drawback of having existed for so long is that it lacks the Bluetooth speaker connectivity that newer 4K projectors have started to offer, even on the cheapest Epson models. It's also one of the loudest working projectors, but when connected to a good sound system, this won't be a problem. It may no longer be the cutting edge, but the EH-TW9400 has stood the test of time and is still highly recommended.

BenQ is one of the names that are always looking for affordable projectors with great images, and the TK800M is more than enough unit to get the most out of your investment in finding the best 4K projector for you. The color technology is great for ensuring that reds and greens are not oversaturated, and at the same time, it provides excellent color depth for even more shades. The Ultra HD4K resolution provides incredibly sharp images at most light levels, although you may have problems if there is bright, direct sunlight in the room. There are even optional wireless kits that allow you to connect to an input source without cables or stream content from a mobile device.

You can also buy optional 3D glasses, and it's always a small peculiarity that cheaper projectors seem to offer this more often than more expensive rivals. We've never had a better sounding 4K projector, with four 15W speakers that offer incredible sound for a projector. We really like the game mode: it reduces the input lag to 43 ms, it's low for an ultra-short range projector, and it also makes gaming a pleasure. The XW5000 has Sony's most advanced technology, starting with its BRAVIA televisions, and uses the X1 Ultimate chip for projectors, together with its Triluminos Pro algorithm and the Silicon X-tal reflective screen, which work to provide excellent color reproduction.

The laser light source means that there is much lower heat emission and energy consumption here than in bulb-powered units, and the 4K image is truly excellent. While the scaling is fine, the difference when running from a real 4K source is remarkable: when you give it your best, you get the best out of it. And also remember that it's always worth trying to get a new console for your new 4K projector, so you'll have to know how to find, buy a PS5 and how to buy an Xbox Series X. And if you prefer your TV-shaped screens, check out our guides on the best TV for PS5 and Xbox Series X, the best 4K 120 Hz TV and also the best OLED TV.

PS5 resupply updates: Your guide to buying a PlayStation 5.BenQ's HT3550 is a 4K DLP projector and is part of BenQ's CinePrime series of projectors designed for home theater applications, where deep blacks and accurate colors are more important than maximizing brightness. Thanks to its unique powerful audio (by projector standards) and the extraordinary range of colors and brightness offered by its triple laser lighting system, the Premiere LSP9T is truly closer than any other projector to date to making you believe that you are watching a king-size television. Like all Sony 4K HDR home cinema projectors, the VW325ES uses three SXRD panels to deliver true 4K resolution (4096 x 2160). The Epson Home Cinema 5050UB is the best versatile 4K projector because it has the perfect balance between image quality and price.

If you're ready to take your home theater system to the next level, here are the best projectors you can find for 4K content. And while you might think that projectors are prohibitively expensive, there are a number of great 4K models that are surprisingly affordable today. This UHD projector is not cheap, but it offers a significant increase in image quality compared to other 4K projectors. While it's inevitable to accept one or two commitments in exchange for Sony delivering a full 4K laser projector at this price, those commitments are ultimately frustrated by the happy impact that the combination of XW5000ES laser lighting and exceptional X1 Ultimate processing has on the immediate and long-term thrill of a movie night.

And that's saying something, since Sony itself costs much more than any other projector on this list. If you have an almost unlimited budget, then the best 4K projector for you may be from Sony's premium line. The best 4K projectors combine great performance in all aspects of image quality with 4K resolution for truly incredible images. Naturally, a good 4K projector will cost more than a Full HD one, and the real native 4K costs even more than those that use pixel shifting to fake that high-end resolution.

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